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Heat sealers are devices which seal plastic packaging with the application of heat. Many industries use heat sealers to prepare products for sale, ranging in size from small businesses to large corporations which handle high volumes of material. Various styles and sizes are available from several companies which specialise in making heat sealers, along with the plastic bags to use with them.

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What is Heat Sealer?

A heat sealer is a machine used to seal product packaging using heat. Continuous heat sealers utilize heated moving belts. Impulse heat sealers use a stationary heated element. Good seals are a result of time, temperature and pressure.

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What is Impulse Bag Sealer?

The impulse bag sealer or impulse heat sealer uses a short burst of electricity flowing through a resistance wire to bring a poly bag (and many other types of materials) to their melt point and literally weld the two sides of the bag together.

An impulse bag sealer does not get hot when you plug it in. It remains cool until the jaw is brought into contact with the bag. There are several types of impulse bag sealers, characterize by their type of operation:

With any impulse bag sealer, the heating element timer must be set to produce a level of heat from the heating element that is sufficient to literally "melt" the bag material---for only an instant. The correct timer setting is critical to the successful operation of any impulse bag sealer. If the timer is not set long enough the seal will be weak and tend to burst open. If it is set too long it will burn the bag material and also produce an inferior seal. Specific instructions on how to properly set the timer on your Midwest Pacific impulse bag sealer can be found under the title "Tips", that can be found at the bottom of each page of our website.

Impulse sealers are fast, efficient tools to securely seal many different types of bag material. They are commonly used for polyethylene, polypropylene, PVC, many types of polyester and even many metallized or foil bags (provided they have a poly laminated liner).

Impulse bag sealers are NOT recommended for cellophane, laminated polypropylene or other cello-like materials that require a temperature set-point be maintained for fixed periods of time

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Types of Heat Sealers?

Heat sealers come in wide variety for different applications. Please check below the complete range of heat sealers to find out which suits your needs...

There are two basic types of heat sealers. Automatic or continuous heat sealers use moving belts to keep up a continuous production line. Products are bagged, sent down the belt, sealed, and dropped into boxes for shipment or storage. Impulse heat sealers have a single element, and are usually designed to be operated by hand. In some instances, an impulse heat sealer is partially automated. Continuous heat sealers are much larger, and more expensive, because of their greater size and higher volume capacity. Impulse heat sealers range in price, with simple desktop versions being very affordable.

  1. Hand Held Heat Sealers
  2. Hand-held sealers designed specifically for different applications: one for sealing poly bags, one for cellophane and one for sealing clamshells and tacking a variety of plastics. This handy portable impulse sealer produces a 6"seal.

    hand held heat sealer
  3. Table Top Impulse Sealers
  4. The adjustable timer presets the sealing time producing a consistently flat seal. Sealing elements are available in either 2 mm or 5mm widths.These units come equipped with teflon coated sealing elements that will only get hot during the sealing period. These are the perfect machines for short-run sealing of poly bags.

    table top heat sealers suitable for polythene
  5. Impulse Sealers with a Sliding Knife
  6. This unit has the same features of our other Impulse Sealers but incorporates a knife into the handle. This is a handy feature when you are making your own bags from a roll of poly tubing. After sealing, slide the knife across the film to cut the film from the tube. This puts a uniform �� skirt on the bottom of the bag plus leaves the end tube open. The open end of the tube forms the opening of the next bag to seal..

    impulse heat sealer with a sliding knife
  7. Automatic Motion Impulse Sealers
  8. Create a secure, repeatable seal and increase your production rate. In fully automatic mode electronic controls allow you set the sealing temperature, sealing time, seal cool down time and idle time. In semi-automatic mode you control the idle time and start the sealing cycle with a foot pedal.

    Automatic Motion Impulse Sealers
  9. Pedestal Type Impulse Sealers
  10. You can become an expert operator in only 5 minutes. An adjustable electronic timer automatically presets the welding time assuring a perfect seal every time.

    Foot pedal operated heat sealers
  11. Direct Heat Sealers
  12. Seals all types of thermoplastic packaging materials from 25mu to 500mu in thickness. Easily seal through Aluminum foil and Kraft Paper coated plastic materials. You set the sealing temperature, from 0 to 550 degrees F. A thermostat constantly maintains the sealing jaws at the selected temperature.

    Foot pedal operated heat sealers

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Where to Buy?

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Tips and tricks for successful bag sealing:

Using an impulse plastic bag heat sealer is an easy and an ideal way to seal your products. Impulse heat bag sealerAn impulse sealer helps ensure freshness and prevent leakage with an exceptional air and watertight seal. In this tutorial we'll demonstrate how to use AIE's impulse bag sealer and provide some simple tips to maintaining a consistent and effective seal.

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Setting the timer:

Impulse sealer maintanance:

  1. Step 1:
  2. Plug the impulse sealer into an AC adapted outlet. It is important to note that the machine will only operate when it's arm is depressed, otherwise no power is consumed.

    step one
  3. Step 2:
  4. Start by setting the sealer's timer to your desired sealing time (please check your sealer's manual for individually recommended sealing times).

    step two
  5. Step 3:
  6. Fill your bag with your desired product and spread the open end of the bag that you'd like to seal across the impulse sealer's teflon rim. For a consistent and desireful seal make sure that the bag has none, or the least amount of ripples.

    step three
  7. Step 4:
  8. Close and press the impulse sealer's hinged arm to activate the heater and it's timer.

    step four
  9. Step 5:
  10. Open the impulse sealer's arm and slowly remove your bag from the sealer's rim. If the bag is sticking to the sealer's rim then you'll want to lower the heating timer.

    step five

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    Popular Materials heat sealed using Heat Sealers

    1. Polyethylene

    2. Mylar

    3. Polyurethane

    4. P.V.A

    5. Polypropylene

    6. Tivac

    7. Pliofilm

    8. Saran

    9. Kel-F

    10. Nylon

    11. Polyflex

    12. And other heat sealable materials

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    Sealers FAQ's

    Making the Right Choice

    There are many types of sealers available. A brief summary on a sealer�s function, size, speed, and heating elements will help you determine the right sealer for your needs.


    There are mainly 2 types of sealers, an impulse heat and a direct heat sealer. The impulse heat sealer is used for any thermoplastic material such as a poly bag that requires a lower temperature. It can also be used to seal poly �coated materials. On the other hand, the direct heat sealer provides a higher temperature on heated jaws, so it is mostly used for cellophane and other thicker thermoplastic or poly-coated materials. Other functions to be considered in selecting the right sealer are cutter units, vacuum formation and gas purging.


    The size of sealer to use depends on the width of the material to be sealed. For easy handling, add one inch to the width of material to get the size of sealer needed.


    The portable sealer is lightweight, handy, very versatile and does not need a big work area. The sizes are limited.

    The hand sealer is the simplest and most economical. The sealing bar is manually lowered. This sealer is available from 4" to 40" Approximately 6 to 20 packages can be sealed per minute.

    The foot sealer provides a faster sealing operation. The sealing bar is pedestal controlled, leaving two hands free for faster operation. The foot sealer is available from 12" to 35". Approximately 8 to 20 packages can be sealed per minute.

    The auto sealer provides the fastest sealing operation. The unit has a continuous automatic motion at a pre-set time cycle or it can be placed in a manual mode and actuated by a foot switch for each intermittent cycle. Auto sealers are available from 12"to 24". Approximately 20-50 packages can be sealed per minute.

    The continuous band sealer provides very fast sealing operation with unlimited length.

    There are several models available with different features, such as horizontal seal head, vertical seal head, tilting seal head, left or right side feed, gas purging, coding and imprinting.

    Heating Elements for Impulse Heat Sealers:

    The heating element comes in round or flat. In most sealers, the round and flat wire can be interchanged. The round wire is mainly used for cut and seal. There is no seam left. Depending on the width of the flat wire element, sealers are available in 2-3mm, 5mm , 8mm, or 10 mm. Some sealers are equipped with two heating elements for faster heat penetration, ideal for sealing thicker materials.

    Standard Features of Impulse Heat Sealers

    The sealers are of metal construction, the body is formed out of a rugged cast aluminum and the pivot is all steel. The sealers are of industrial quality and built to last. Most sealers are equipped with plug-in electronic timer and built in micro-switch. No warm-up time is needed. Power is used only when the sealing bar activates the micro-switch. The variable timer let you seal various types and thickness of plastic films. A signal light and beeping sound come on to let the operator know the heat cycle is completed and the seal is done. The number in the model number usually indicates the size of the sealer in mm; so a 200 is an 8"and a 1000 is a 40". The letter in the model number is used to designate the manufacturer and type of sealer, such as H for hand sealer, and A for auto sealer. Divide mm by 25.4 to get its equivalence in inches.

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